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Exhibition: “Bhasha”


First Freedom Center
14 S 14th St Richmond, VA 23219

Date & Time:

July 6, 2018



In this installation named “Bhasha”, the artist tries to capture the myriad and complex flow, and usage of different forms and communication and their impact on marginalized people. “Bhasha” in Bengali means “language” as well as “flow”, depicting the parallels between language and flow of information. The listener/participant would thus be able to experience the interaction and intermingling of different forms of flow of communication, mimicking the real-world flow/clash of information and language.


Posted by Sarmistha Talukdar on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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Event Artists

Sarmistha Talukdar

Experimental Sound Artist

Sarmistha Talukdar is a scientist by profession and an artist at heart. She often plays electronics, Shahi Baaja, Esraj, Guitar, Keyboards, synthesizer and Indian influences in her music.

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