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Group Exhibition: UR “Soundscapes”


Pump House Park
1708 Pump House Dr Richmond, VA 23221

Date & Time:

April 24, 2018



Andy McGraw and students from his spring “Soundscapes” course at the University of Richmond will design a simple sound installation for the Pump House Park as part of the Sound Arts Richmond festival. The installation will be based on Indonesian “teluktak” water-driven bamboo idiophones. Teluktak are used in Bali and Java to signal water flow between terraced rice fields. A tube of bamboo, roughly two feet long, is placed in front of a weir between fields. As it collects water its center of gravity shifts, causing the tube to tip forward, spill its water, and return to its original position, leading its back end to knock resonantly against the ground.

McGraw’s students (approximately twelve) will each make a teluktak, installing them at the small waterfall between the Pump House canal and East Branch Tuckahoe Creek.



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