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Timo Kahlen

Sound sculptor and media artist Timo Kahlen (*1966) chooses to work with the ephemeral: with wind and steam, with light and shade, with pixels and dust, with sound, noise and vibration. His work has received nominations for various renowned scholarships and residencies, including the German national “Sound Art Prize“ (2006), the “Kahnweiler Prize for Sculpture“ (2001) and for the “Prize  for Young European Photographers“ (1989); as well as critical recognition at more than 180 exhibitions of contemporary media art since the mid-1980s : including invitations to „Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art“ (ZKM | Karlsruhe 2012-2013), “Tonspur_expanded: The Loudspeaker“ (Vienna 2010), “Manifesta 7: Scenarios“ (Italy 2008), “Wireless Experience“ (ISEA Helsinki 2004), “Zeitskulptur: Volumen als Ereignis“ (Linz 1997) and his solo exhibition “Timo Kahlen: Works with Wind“, inaugurating the KUNST-WERKE Berlin in 1991.

Kahlen holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Berlin University of the Arts. He lives, teaches and works in Berlin, Germany.”

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April 14, 2018
Digital America (Online)Various Online: Digital America “Issue 11”