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Maria Chavez

Born in Lima, Peru, Maria Chavez is an an abstract turntablist, sound artist, and DJ. Accidents, coincidence, and failures are themes that unite her sound sculptures, installations, and other works with her solo turntable performance practice. She is a research fellow of the Sound Practice Research Department, Goldsmith’s University in London. Her work and performances have been presented internationally, including at the Donald Judd Foundation in Marfa, Texas; the Rhode Island School of Design; the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; and Berklee College, Valencia, Spain.

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Artist's Events

Date & Time Location Artist Description
March 29, 2018
Harnett Museum of Art, University of Richmond MuseumsMaria ChavezExhibition: “Topography of Sound: Peaks & Valleys Series”
March 28, 2018
6:00 pm
Modlin Center for the Arts, University of RichmondMaria ChavezPerformance and Conversation with Maria Chavez